Global Hats & Caps - China Hats

Fancy dress parties, also called costume parties in other parts of the world, may require party goers to purchase fancy dress hats. If a party goer needs to find such an item, he needs to know what he has in mind. Take Chinese hats, for example. Most people know the traditional Chinaman costume includes a cone-shaped head cover made from straw. The cone shape allows the wearer to shade his eyes and provides some protection from the sun. Although this is traditional, it is not the only such hat a person may find. Much like the Western world, there are many different styles that a person may choose to wear.

When a person selects hats for a Chinese fancy dress party, he knows what he needs to avoid. Hats such as the Deerstalker Cap and the Bowler are definitely out. The two styles mentioned previously belong to Great Britain. A conscientious user may also decide to skip the fedora. Although the fedora does not belong to a specific country, it is generally considered to be a western fashion. Not only is it a western fashion, it is also a fashion that is specific to a certain era. Someone might associate this hat with the 1920s, 1930s and World War II. The 1930s adventurer movie character Indiana Jones wore a fedora, for example. The style started to wane in the 50s.

So, what can a person do? If he wants to spend time doing research or looking at media coming directly out of China, he can get definite ideas about what he should wear. If he is going with a military theme, he may choose a beret. If he is going after a particular Chinese subculture, he can use a hat from that as well. Of course, there are times when a person may find out that certain styles have made their way all across the world. It happens both ways, as the recent popularity of Korean Pop demonstrates.

If someone does not have any ideas for fancy dress hats at one of these parties, he can forgo the hat entirely. He and sometimes she may just decide to go with a certain hairstyle. If he has no further ideas, he can simple go to the Internet and do an image search. Google, Yahoo, Ask and many other searches may help a person find hundreds of different ideas. He only has to pick a few to use. As long as he has it ready by the time the party starts, he has nothing to worry about.

Memories of the fancy dress party may fade quickly. Costumes may find their way to the back of the closet only to be donated to a thrift store later. As long as the person who wore the costume had a good time, it was worth the time and effort. It may not have been worth the money, but that is for each and every individual to decide. He can also save money by searching the same thrift stores mentioned earlier. A person never knows what he might find in one of these places.